PN: This article has been taken verbatim from Shubi Husain’s Diet and Nutrition Channel Video titled “Want To Know Your Immunity Level? Also Check The Best Ways To Boost It”. It helps you to know as to where you stand w.rt. your immunity level by grading you on the basis of 8 simple Yes/No Questions carrying 1 point each. To ensure an honest and correct outcome, the final grades are visible only after the Question set is completed by you. It’s an interactive session so keep a pencil and paper handy to mark the outcome and grade yourself into one of these three categories of Immunity, viz Poor, Average and Good. Thereafter also know how to increase your immunity, the easy way. Best of Luck.

“Hello everyone,

Today in this video we will see, that how good or bad is your immunity. Will also see where you stand on the score card that I have made for you guys containing 8 different points. By the help of this Immunity Score card you will be able to know how well is your immunity level. And in the second half of this video I will be telling as to how you can increase your immunity very easily.

The body which is clean from inside will automatically have a good immunity. Let’s take an example for that. We have 2 dustbins. One is full of garbage and the other is completely empty and clean. Which one do you think will attract bacteria and viruses? The first one of course. In the same way our body works. You must have seen some people who just hog and eat the whole day. They do Overeating and eat Unhealthy. So similarly when you eat Unhealthy stuff, the immunity level goes down. A highly clean body, is a highly immune body.

Now I will tell you those 8 points of my Immunity score card. You need to mark them if you stand upto them to see the level of immunity you have. I’m sure you have readied a pen and a paper for yourself. Now I will read out those points. If you agree, then tick them and else you can skip that one.

Q 1. Do You Have Constipation, Indigestion, Acidity, Heartburn Or Bloating Problem?

Number 1, Do you have a problem of constipation, indigestion, acidity, heartburn or bloating problem etc? And do you take any medicine for that? Any anti-acid, any pill? If yes then skip this one , else you tick it.

Q 2. Do You Have Normal Weight As Per Your Height And Age?

Now second point, Is your body weight according to your age and height? If your weight is normal then you can tick it or else you can skip this one.

Q 3. Do You Get Acne Or Blackheads Or Rashes Frequently?

Third point is, do you get acne, black heads or rashes etc. very often? Or you have a clear skin? If you don’t get these problems then tick it otherwise you can skip this one.

Q 4. Do You Feel Lazy The Whole Day?

Fourth point is that do you feel lazy the whole day? Some people feel very tired just after waking up in the morning. They don’t feel energetic and feel tired the whole day. They feel very sleepy. If you are not among them, then you can tick it otherwise you can skip this point.

Q 5. Do You Have An Intense Feeling Of Hunger Once Or Twice A Day?

Fifth point is do you experience a strong sense of hunger, do you feel very hungry once or twice a day? If yes then it is a sign of good immunity. If you feel full and you feel heavy all day, it means that your earlier meals have not been digested yet. So that’s a sign that you don’t have a good immunity. If you agree to this then you can put a tick here, otherwise skip it.

Q 6. Do You Sleep Well?

Your next point is, the sixth point, that do you sleep well?  Your sleep is considered well when you sleep about 7 to 8 hours a day, and you fall asleep in five minutes of going to bed. Some people say they can’t get enough sleep, their sleep is disturbed, so that’s not a sign of good immunity. So if you take quality sleep then tick this point . Otherwise just skip it.

Q 7. Do You Experience Frequent Pain In The Body?

Seventh point, there should be no pain in your body. Some people say they feel body pain all the day, sometimes in their head, shoulders, legs etc. Anytime you call or talk to them they have their pain to talk about. So this is again not a sign of good immunity and that is why your body shouts or pains. So in such a case you start taking pain killers quite frequently which is not good. If you don’t face this problem then tick it otherwise skip it.

Q 8. Do You Have A Positive Mindset?

The last point, is our 8th point. Do you have a positive attitude the whole day and you feel happy and cheerful all around. Why does one feel happy? Once your system is not so clean from inside and you have a sense of pain, or you  have a feeling of acidity, or heaviness, you will obviously not feel happy. When you experience heaviness from inside, you will not feel happy and your mood will not remain good. You will feel unhappy and stressed thinking about why and what’s happening to you. On the other hand if you have a positive and happy mind, then you feel like doing anything that you are passionate about, and that’s a good sign.

If you feel the same then tick this one, otherwise you skip this point.

Now whatever score you accumulated (each tick being equal to 1), like 3, 7 or 2, categorize yourself as per the reference grade chart. As far as immunity is concerned you will get a correct idea where you stand.

PN: Allot Grades To Yourself As Per Reference Scale That Appears On Top Left Of The Video Screen

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Now we are moving in the second part of this video where I will tell you how you can improve your immunity level that too very simple and easy. And for that we will discuss 3 steps of it.

Since this Covid pandemic has come up, many clients have asked, “Mam please tell us some medicine or something which can increase our immunity, any pill, any supplement, any decoction, any kind of tea like turmeric tea etc. What can we take?”  They ask for Diet Plans which can boost their immunity. But they don’t want to give up their unhealthy eating habits. They don’t want to give up their “paranthas”. They don’t want to give up their pizzas. They just want pills, medicines, etc. to boost immunity.

Immunity doesn’t increase like that. That’s not case at all. Immunity depends on how you lead your life, how wisely you eat your meals, how consciously and healthy you eat, how disciplined your lifestyle is. So all these factors sum up and matter, as far as immunity is concerned.

So if anyone is saying that this pill or this med will boost your immunity then it’s a total nonsense. Unless you make your lifestyle healthy, on what you are eating, when you sleep, when you get up, how healthy your mind set is, you can’t boost immunity. Because these are the factors which contribute to a good immune system. So eating wisely and how well you are living your life those are the 2 important factors which increases your immunity.

The first way that I am going to tell you about increasing immunity is that if you follow even 7 days in the month, with your family members, it will benefit you all.

So the first step is fasting, now do not be afraid of the word “fasting”. Benefits of Fasting are also written in our holy books. And now, according to science also, fasting has emerged to be much more advantageous. It enhances your immunity and rejuvenates the immune system. Whenever you are on fasting your body gets ample of time to heal itself. If you keep on eating between your meals too, your body will have to do digestion continuously and it will remain busy in that with no time to heal itself. But when you fast you give your body the much needed time to heal. Your body automatically deals with all the bacteria and viruses which attack it. You cannot do fasting regularly, but it will be good if you do it 7 days a month.

Here we are talking about intermittent fasting. In this, you will have to get your dinner done by 6 PM and you cannot eat anything before 10 AM the next morning. You can however drink only water. And yeah.. when you get up before 10 you can take vegetable juice, coconut water or cucumber juice. Your breakfast can contain fruits only. It cannot contain any “parantha, Idli, poha, Tea, coffee, milk” nothing. Only fruits. If you take one kind of fruit at one time, it will be good and preferred. However you can take 2-3 kind of fruits too. So in this 16 hour gap from 6 PM to 10AM your body will get time to heal and healing is so much required to boost your immunity. You can try this and this will really boost your immunity.

Fruits are good at breakfast because they are cleansing food, fruits do not stick in there and they have a good water percentage. When you do fasting eat fruits freely. so it was for your breakfast and now what you have to do is you have to eat one grain in a day, it can be in lunch or in Dinner.

It is preferable to take grains in lunch. The grain can be in form of bread or rice or any other kind of your choice. Now whatever the amount of grain (by weight) in your meal,.. 4 times of that you have to ensure taking veggies. If these happen to be green veggies, then that’s all the more better. Or, for ease you can have mixed vegetables, as per your choice. This all should make up your lunch.

Then comes your dinner. You have to take it by 6 pm. Your dinner can comprise of only salad or soup, once in a week, 4 times a month or it will be better to make it 7 days a month. It is a very effective thing you can do to boost your immunity.

So now I hope, you will do all your exercises along with these tips, and do those things which give you mental peace. Please lead your life consciously. Don’t eat unconsciously. Lead a disciplined life, eat consciously, eat healthy and take care of your fitness, because health is the biggest wealth. I think this is the biggest blessing and we should not take this for granted at any cost. I hope you guys like this video. Thank you so much.”

PN: This Article First Appeared On N4M Media on 30th May 2021. Read the full article here

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  1. Thank you soooo much Shubi man.. I checked and it came out to be Average grade. I am desperately looking to boost my immunity. Can you plz let me know where to place an Order foreign a Customized Diet Plan. Need it urgently

  2. Oh wow, thanks for the information ma’am. I have subscribed to your youtube channel too.. a real goldmine of information, no doubt.

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