Pranic healing is very much the in-thing nowadays. After Reiki, Pranic healing is perhaps the most sought after form of alternative therapy. 

The Deal

Pranic healing is a holistic healing therapy, which takes into account both–the chakras and the aura. The colour and intensity of the aura gives the first indications as to what is wrong and where. You can heal the ailment, either directly or treat the aura, the net result is same. When the aura gets back into shape, your problem disappears.

The Technique

According to Pranic healers, energy flows in the body throughits 11 chakras. Traditional Aryan philosophy talks of only seven chakras, as does Reiki. But there are other minor chakras, which Pranic healing takes into account. These chakras are the body’s energy stations.

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By using meditation technique, Pranic healing recharges these energy centres and cleanses and heals the body. There are three levels of Pranic healing course: basic, advanced and psychotherapy. These are two-day courses and after completing them you can start healing people. 

Pranic Healing
Pranic Healing (Representative Image only)

Watch Out

Pranic healing generates a lot of energy and you need to be careful while handling it. This therapy involves lot of meditation and hence requires a lot of practice. It’ll be better to talk to a therapist before plunging head in.


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