The ravaging pandemic and a strict nationwide lockdown of 2020, sent many with medical ailments into depression and loss of interest in life. People caught on to any news that offered solace in a world that reeled under uncertainty and disbelief with little or no hope in sight.

Mr Rajesh, 52 yrs, Ex Indian Air Force Officer had calmly gone through all the upheavals that nature had unleashed. To add to his woes, though he later claimed it to be his good luck, he stood posted to New Delhi. It was 26th September, Saturday afternoon, with full mask on, Rajesh happened to notice the Health Sanctuary adv board as he walked leisurely on one of South Delhi’s posh Greater Kailash Roads. The words ‘Enhancing Lifestyles and Longevity’ written underneath the ‘The Weight Loss And Anti-Aging Clinic’ caught his specific attention. His past experiences of countless unsuccessful attempts at reducing weight made him twitch in pain. A quick calculation of the colossal amounts of money that he had wasted on himself, his wife and son simply to lose weight ran through his mind. All this to ultimately avoid getting body-shamed or be pin-pointed as the odd family in the neighborhood, made him rueful and depressed.

Nonetheless, being in a different city (Delhi), gave him the much needed reason and he mustered enough courage to at least walk in and meet the counsellors at the Health Sanctuary clinic, to at least see and understand what different in weight loss were they to offer.

As luck would have it, with most counsellors busy attending to clients, Shubi Husain, concerned at a person sitting unattended, asked the receptionist to send him in. A huge 144 kilos of Mr Rajesh walked in and settled into a chair that had no arm rests and thus could accomodate most ranges of heavier clients.

Just as is famous of Ms Shubi’s counselling and professionalism, after half an hour, Rajesh walked out, all enrolled for the Weight Loss Combination Program that was customized by Ms Husain, there and then during the counselling.

Within a matter of a couple of months, Rajesh and his family are now a star attraction. As the old adage goes on, “Neighbours envy, Owner’s Pride” the newly acquired athletic figures of the father, mother and son are a talking point in the entire neighbourhoods both in Delhi and Hyderabad. So much for a family that, just a few months back, was used to being called grouchy, gluttons and were a laughing stock amongst most friends and relatives.

In the words of Mr Rajesh, “We had gotten used to being accepted as a family of fatso’s”. But now the excitement of the family at the newly found star status knows no bounds.

Mr Rajesh is all gaga over his weight loss journey. The 52 yrs gentleman feels all rejuvenated, young and rearing to go and take on life with a new zeal. He achieved an astonishing weight loss of 45 kgs, in just a matter of a few months, having come down drastically from 144 kgs to the sweet double digits of 99 Kgs. His all medical parameters are almost normal. He can walk briskly, at a stretch, without complaints of paining knees or heels anymore.

Mr Rajesh – After having lost 45 kgs at Health Sanctuary

He remarks, “I consider myself the luckiest guy, having been transferred to Delhi and meeting Shubi Mam, at a crucial time when we all in the family had resigned to our fates and had stopped even trying. I, for one, was barely able to walk. Lifestyle diseases started catching up. Medical issues like diabetes and high BP (Blood Pressure) had become innate to my existence. I just thank my stars for having been given this amazing and unique Combination (Combo) Of Procedures that Ms Shubi Husain had customized for me, by virtue of her expertise and experience spanning over decades.”

As on 6th Feb, Son Aman is an entirely changed young man. Having lost a whopping 33 kgs, Aman is at 83 kgs, from his recorded weight of 116 Kgs just a couple of months back.

Mr Aman, S/o Mr Rajesh – After having lost 33 kgs at Health Sanctuary

Ms Sunita (name changed) erstwhile teacher and prinicipal of Aman, son of Mr Rajesh, personally took on herself to ring up Shubi Husain and had this to say, “I only wish that Aman and his parent’s had met you earlier. My heart goes out for this boy who wasted his entire school life. At 116 kgs, he could barely participate and enjoy the fun and frolic that other kids indulged in. He had literally given up on leading an agile and active lifestyle. But now, all thanks to you Shubi Husain that Aman was on the 7th sky, once he came to meet me. I was really shocked seeing him so perfect in shape. Thank you so much Shubi. Even i would like to visit you sometime soon.”

A couple of weeks into the program, with both hubby and son, all charged up and excited, how could the lady of the house, Ms Sujata (45 yrs) be left behind. She too met Shubi and got the, now proven, Weight Loss Combo program customized for herself.

Ms Sujata, Wife Of Rajesh – After having lost 22 kgs at Health Sanctuary

Ms Sujata was 108 Kgs at the time of joining the weight loss combo program and her weight as on the 6th of Feb 2021 stood at 86 kgs, a clean 22 Kgs of Weight Loss. This, despite joining almost a month after her husband.

It so happened that the family had to travel to Hyderabad to attend a family marriage function. Even though the extended family of Mr Rajesh was aware of the amazing transformationw that the trio had achieved, but then nothing beats first hand “Seeing is Believing”. Aman’s cousin sister Vidhya (27yrs) packed her luggage, booked a seat and came all the way from Hyderabad to lose weight at Shubi’s Greater Kailash (Delhi) Clinic.

And lo and behold, seeing Vidhya’s awe inspiring transformation, her mother also flew down to Delhi and joined the unique weight loss combo, that is an outcome of more than two and a half decades of Ms Shubi Husain’s consistent efforts to provide her clients with weight loss with a difference that actually helps lose weight and stays on that way for long.

Just yesterday, 16th Feb, Mr Rajesh’s neighbour Mr Mayank and his family also came over for consultation at Health Sanctuary for the same weight loss treatment.

No wonder what the marketing honchos often preach stands true today. There is nothing better than the Word Of Mouth. More so when the service is as unique and trustworthy as Shubi Husain’s trade secret, the unique weight loss combo .

PN: All names and individuals mentioned above are real persons. The weight loss of 100+ Kgs is the sum total attained by the family of three (3) comprising of husband, wife and son. The centre is Health Sanctuary’s Greater Kailash Center, New Delhi.


  1. Oh wow!! Yes that’s Shubi Husain.. I know her since she came as a Chief guest for a function a couple of years age, at Bangalore. Had also distributed Training Certificates and i was a proud recipient. My Best Wishes to her and her efforts in controlling the Obesity epidemic spreading across India and the world.

  2. Oh Shubi that’s amazing.. We knew your monumental experience and knowledge could transform anyone.. weight loss is just one aspect, you literally boost people’s confidence and their outlook. When do i join? It’s high time i too get thin. Enough of this 100+ kilos i carry around. Pls Pls let me know. I am coming to your clinic this weekend.. take care!!

  3. That’s amazing Shubi Husain.. You are truly an unchallenged weight loss expert not only in Asia but across America as well. One of my relatives Archana, staying in US mentioned about you and she told me how she got a new outlook after simply being counselled by you.. She is a big fan of yours. I too shall be visiting you as I plan to come to Delhi for a week next month. Cya soon.. tc & bbye.


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